HTC Factory Unlock Code ( 2009-2016 ) Database

Please do not post request of code if your phone comes from one of these networks :

Claro from all country (all models)
Brasil Telecom, TIM & Vivo Brasil (all models)
Movistar Chile & Equador (all models)
Vodafone & Movistar Spain (all models)
One Macedonia (all models)
Telenor Norway (all models)
Neuf Telecom France (all models)
KPN Netherland (all models)
Tigo Spain (all models)
Mobinil Egypt (All Model)
Tigo El Salvador (All Model)
3 AT – Austria (All Model)
ALL Network from Croatia (All Model)
ALL Network from Portugal (All Model)
ALL Network from Austria (All Model)
HTC S621 Excalibur from Telcel Mexico
HTC Touch HD, Viva, Innovation, Nikki, Dual Touch from Bouygues France
HTC Touch HD, HTC Hero and Tatoo from Orange UK
HTC S730 from Hungary
HTC from Digitel Venezuela
HTC Wildfire, HD2(T8585), Touch Pro from Vodafone Romania
HTC S710 & Vox from SFR France
HTC HD from Play Poland Network
HTC S420 from Vodafone United Kingdom
SPV C100 from Orange Spain
Qtek 9100 from Movistar Mexico
X02HT from Softbank Japan
HTC Fuze from AT&T
HTC Desire from Vodafone Romania
ALL Network from Serbia (All Model)
ALL Network from Montenegro (All Model)

ALL Network from Bosnia and Hercegovina(All Model)
Because for theses model/provider, the network provider change the code of the phone after receive them from factory, so code will not work..

Verify/Refund Policy

The supplier of HTC do not provide any kind of refund (Full or Even Partial) for Wrong code (Even with Video Proof)

We agree it's totally unfair, but we just can't stop offer this service as even knowing this fact, customer still want to use it...
So please acknowledge these fact before place an order !

Price : $1USD

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